A Cautionary Tale On Domain Hacking

A Cautionary Tale On Domain Hacking

Japanese cryptocurrency exchange Coincheck recently announced that hackers gained access to emails sent to the firm by its customers by changing its DNS records with its domain registrar.  By doing this, the hackers were able to forward incoming emails to themselves.

First off, all readers of this short piece should check whether their third party domain registrar has two factor authentication.  If they do, you should enable it.  If they don’t, you should transfer your domain to a registry that does.  I would put this in the proverbial “no brainer” category.

Secondly, make sure that you have a strong password on top of two factor authentication.

Lastly, if your domain registrar has information on their security precautions on their website either read it or have it reviewed by someone who understands minimally what they should have. If they have nothing at all about security, consider that a red flag as well.

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