City Officials Forced to Pay $45,000 After Ransomware Attack

City Officials Forced to Pay $45,000 After Ransomware Attack

According to an alert on the city website, Lafayette Colorado was hit by a ransomware attack compromising their phone, email, and online payment services. After a cost analysis, the city determined that paying a $45,000 ransom was less damaging than rebuilding the compromised systems. Thanks to their use of PCI compliant payment gateways, security was strong enough to keep personal payment data from being compromised. In an effort to prevent future attacks, the city is taking a series of steps including: 

  • Cleaning and rebuilding system endpoints 
  • Installing crypto-safe backups 
  • Deploying additional security systems 
  • Implementing regular vulnerability assessments 

Municipalities often have much tighter security budgets than private firms or even larger governmental organizations. This leads attackers to expect that they will not proactively have these protections in place. The result is municipalities becoming the victims of ransomware attacks all too often. It is essential to act before an attacker takes advantage of a vulnerable system. 

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