Cybersecurity Is a Top Risk To Businesses

Cybersecurity Is a Top Risk To Businesses

According to a recent study by the World Economic Forum, Cybersecurity ranks among the top 3 Covid-19 related business risks.   Cybersecurity is only behind the risk of a global recession and the surge of company bankruptcies and consolidations.  

As the workforce has been forced to adapt to employees working from home and dealing with increasing threats from cybercriminals, it is an important time to ensure your business is doing what it can to protect itself from these risks. 

As highlighted in a previous blog post, simple steps can be taken to provide a safe environment for your companies remote employees and protect the companies assets.  

  • Monitor Your Remote Workers:  Cloud-based tools and solutions, such as the Helical’s Endpoint IT Security Policy Validator, can ensure seamless and unobtrusive monitoring of your remote workers without violating their privacy. Continuous monitoring ensures remote office environments are kept secure. 
  • Document Your Work From Home Security & Privacy Policy: Ensure that every employee of the organization working from remote locations has a copy of the organization’s security & privacy policy and acknowledges that they have read and understand it. 
  • Install Updates and Security Patches: Ensure that employees who are working remotely have the latest updated antivirus software and operating systems installed on their systems and patches are applied as soon as released.  This includes regularly updating web browser, browser plugins and document readers. 
  • Encrypt Your Mobile Devices: End-to-end encryption of communication can help to prevent the hackers from infiltrating your mobile devices such as laptops, smartphones, etc. 
  • Train Your Employees: Provide training, create awareness amongst your employees about malicious cyber activities like phishing, ransomware, social engineering attacks, Business Email Compromise and other Work From Home security risks.  

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