Happy National Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Happy national cybersecurity awarness month

For 17 years, October has been National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM). The importance of deeming it awareness month is that, particularly for small to mid-sized businesses, it’s difficult for enterprises to focus on cybersecurity awareness when there are so many other distractions. Unfortunately, times of turbulence have provided more opportunities for hackers and with it, the threat landscape continues to evolve.

From a security perspective, 2020 has refocused attention on importance of endpoint security as centralized office computing environments were easier to secure than employees’ homes. Any insecure personal device with access to sensitive data could be the entry point for an attacker and now there are a lot more insecure devices.

Stay tuned throughout Cybersecurity Awareness Month for key tips and updates from Helical on the threats you should be aware of and how you can protect against them. With an ever-changing threat landscape, your organization cannot afford to fall behind.

You don’t have to wait for more helpful information to take control of your cybersecurity. Helical is dedicated to protecting small to mid-size businesses like yours, and we would love to show you how. Contact [email protected] today to schedule a 30 minute call and discuss your security.

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