How To Fight COVID-19 Scammers From Your Computer

How To Fight COVID-19 Scammers From Your Computer

Since last December, over 136,000 new COVID-19 themed domains have been created. While many are legitimate or simply parking for future sale, others are clearly not. As reported in our last microblog, the FBI published an alert on April 1st warning of cyber actors stepping up their efforts against virtual environments…no doubt many such actors are leveraging newly created COVID-19 themed domains.

Many of us have become so acclimated to spammy and phishy emails that so long as they hit our “Junk” folder, we ignore them. There are affirmative steps, however, that you can take to help fight against bad actors and malicious emails, particularly those that endeavor to exploit the COVID-19 crisis, by acting on those junk emails.

By blacklisting or blocking the sender of a malicious email, something positive happens…the information gets fed into your ISP’s (internal service providers) algorithm and factors into whether the ISP blacklists that domain. It also works its way into other blacklists to help security professionals block illegitimate sites before they work their way into inboxes. You can find one such vetted blacklist of COVID-19 themed threats here. In short, your actions help minimize the effectiveness of these malicious actors…all while complying with Stay At Home orders!

As always, feel free to reach out to me to learn more or just talk at [email protected] or visit our website.  We are here for the community and want to be as helpful as we can.

Stay healthy.  Stay distant.

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