Managing The IT and Security Needs Of The Remote Workforce

Security Needs

In a recent report by Lenovo, the vast majority of work from home employees report being forced to become their own IT person, but only 12-16% of employees feel that their employers are keeping up to date or giving them the tools they need with technology due to the lack of training, budget prioritization and understanding. 72% of employees were either somewhat or very concerned about data security. Helical’s Essentials allows small to medium sized business with tight resources to implement security across their people, processes, and technology (i.e. holistic cybersecurity) – all from a single application using the best security tools available at an affordable price. Helical’s Validator allows anyone in an organization to easily verify that their cloud environment or their employees devices comply with company IT security standards. We have even implemented additional COVID discounts for firms who are struggling to adapt to the new remote work environment.

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