Ransomware Up 715% – Don’t Leave it to Chance

Ransomware Up 715% - Don’t Leave it to Chance

The threat of Ransomware is on the rise. Bitdefender’s 2020 Mid-Year Threat Landscape Report found that ransomware attacks in the first half of this year are up 715.08% compared to the first half of 2019! And it’s not just attack frequency on the rise. Attack costs are increasing as well. SafetyDetectives found that the average ransom per incident has nearly doubled since 2018 from $4,300 to $8,100. This figure does not even consider the cost of system downtime associated with an attack, which has seen a 506% increase in the same time period.

This dramatic increase in ransomware’s presence on the threat landscape has likely been perpetuated by COVID related remote work transitions. Businesses across the world made rapid moves from office environments to de-centralized home-workers using personal devices. Without the proper precautions, this kind of transition will greatly disrupt pre-existing security, leaving endpoints vulnerable and the entire network at risk. For the remainder of 2020 and years afterwards, businesses cannot afford to take ransomware lightly.

Your organization must be sure to…

  • Deploy endpoint protection
  • Monitor endpoints for threats
  • Stay aware of threats &
  • Create a response plan

But even these precautions could not eliminate risks. It is time to combine layered ransomware protections with a risk neutralizing solution.

Helical’s ransomware protection includes the top ransomware endpoint protection, a continual monitor to make sure your devices are optimized for ransomware protection and recovery, and even insures this protection to offset client recovery and remediation expenses in the event they still get hit with ransomware.

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